Dolphin Keyboard Stand

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Features An expandable X-braced sturdy keyboard stand, With steel body. Classic Single-X stand. Its disk clutch with bullet-nose pull knob makes for quick, simple height adjustment while arm sleeves position to accommodate virtually any keyboard width. Adjustable arms fit all keyboards, 1″ Square double braced tubing for extra strength and durability. The XFinity has a unique mechanism that lets you set the height at any level between 4-38 inches. This is a definite improvement over other popular keyboard stands that typically offer only five preset height positions. This flexibility enables children and adults to find the ideal keyboard height, whether they are standing or sitting as they play. No need for screws. The Xfinity comes pre-welded so you don’t have to spend time trying to read complicated instructions. The high-strength support straps secure the keyboard during performances and minimize the risks of damage when the keyboard is moved to the side and not in use. The straps connect to the screw connection on the underside of most standard digital keyboards. Simply squeeze the ergonomic trigger to disengage the clutch, position the stand at any of its five convenient height adjustments and release the trigger to re-engage the clutch.


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